Our 24/7

Global NOC

XFIBRE operates a purpose built 24x7 Global Network Operations Centre and Service Desk for all clients within Australia and the ASEAN from its Sydney & Melbourne facilities.

24/7 Australian

Our Engineers are all trained & certified (Australia)

Australian Phone

Our support team understands your requirements. Therefore, communication is the key

Ticketing System

Our ticketing system is advanced to ensure all your enquiries have been captured, delegated and actioned.

24/7 Global NOC

XFIBRE NOC and Service Desk provides network and infrastructure monitoring and support services globally. Our live monitoring services ensures that our clients services operate uninterrupted and to its intended capacity.

Staffed by our team of certified Systems and Network Engineers, the NOC is a controlled environment with rigorous support procedures that allows us to take a highly proactive approach to client support and technical service.


Our 24/7 Help Desk/Remote Support services is delivered by our Manage IT Services team. The support is provided for Network Connectivity, Onsite infrastructure at client premises, cloud-based services and Data Centres across Asia Pacific.

While most IT issues can be solved remotely by our helpdesk, we are also geared up to travel to your site where remote support is not possible. All our engineers are all equipped with a full toolkit of all the IT and Communications equipment essentials to help solve your onsite IT issues. All our engineers are also backed by our 24/4 Global Network and Operations Centre located in Sydney and Melbourne.

XFIBRE will take complete care and responsibility for your overall Onsite or Offsite IT infrastructure, hosted services, and your critical systems maintenance requirements. We are known for being one of Australia’s most responsive IT Support providers by our clients.

Network Monitoring

XFIBRE Network Monitoring is one of the most utilised and requested service by our clients. The value of outsourced 24×7 NOC or SOC Services can positively impact your business in several ways.

With our monitoring services, we can keep an eye on your hardware and alert you as soon as a part of your network begins to malfunction. This allows us to avoid larger issues like a downed network by catching and resolving the problems as they arise.